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Preventative Medicine

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In this course you will learn about preventative medicine and how to approach this subject with your patients in your practice.  Dr. Villela, a board certified family medicine attending, will go over multiple real life case scenarios and how preventative medicine could be implicated.  This course will teach you how the patients present, and what guidelines are appropriate for which group.  At the end of this course, you should have a grasp of the general preventative medicine offered to patients in the outpatient medicine service.

Videos: 1

Course duration: 50 minutes

Topics covered in this course:

STD screening

PAP smear guidelines


Vaccinations in the adult hood

Labs obtained in young adulthood

Counseling and lifestyle modificaitions

Labs in middle aged adults

PHQ-2 screening

Colon cancer screening

Breast cancer screening/Mammogram

Blood pressure screening

Immunizations in different age groups

DEXA scans

General imaging in different age groups

DNA stool test

PSA screening

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