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General Anesthesia Basics

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In this course, Dr. Bhakta, a board certified Anesthesiologist will teach you the basics of Anesthesia.  By the end of this course, you will be familiar with all the topics below!

CME 3.25

-What is anesthesiology
-Preoperative assessment
-Smoking cessation
-NPO guidelines
-Airway exam
-Mallampati Classification
-ASA classification
-Surgery clearance
-Types of anesthesia
-Anesthetic plan
-Estimate blood volume
-Allowable blood loss
-Informed Consent
-Operating room setup
-Induction of anesthesia
-Routine airway management
-Airway anatomy
-Bag mask ventilation
-Endotracheal Intubation
-Cormack-Lehane classification
-Laryngeal mask airway
-Difficult airway algorithm
-Patient positioning
-Hypnotic pharmacology
-Muscles relaxants pharmacology
-Malignant hypothermia
-Temperature regulation
-Vitals management
-Basic ventilation modes
-Anesthesia machine
-Breathing circuit
-Inhalational gasses
-Minimum alveolar concentration (MAC)
-Fluid management
-Muscle relaxant reversals
-Opioid pharmacology
-Pain medications
-Antiemetic agents

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