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Common Pediatric Visits- Family Medicine

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Welcome to Common Pediatrics visits- Family Medicine

In this course we will cover pediatric cases from a primary care physicians point of view.  We will focus on Pediatric well child checks and what needs to be done in each, Common pediatric sick visits that present to the clinic, as well as delays and mental health disorders commonly seen in the pediatric age group.  Dr. Villela, a board certified family medicine attending, will teach these topics through real life case scenarios.  You will learn how the patients present, how you are able to diagnose, and how to treat according to the latest guidelines.  By the end of this course, you should have a good grasp about treating pediatric patients in the clinic.

Videos: 3

Duration: 3.20 (3 hours and 20 minutes)

CME: 3.25

Topics covered in this course:

Well child check infant

Weight/Feeding in infants

Stooling/voiding in infants

Physical exam of an infant

Vaccinations in infants in specific ages

Hyperbilirubinemia in infants

Appropriate weight gain

Vitamin D supplementation

2 month old well child check

Tylenol dosing

4 month old well child check

6 month old well child check

9 month old well child check

12 month old well child check

18 month old well child check

2 year old well child check


Developmental milestones

Car seat changes

Common Pediatric Sick visits

Positional Plagiocephaly

Conjunctivitis, types and treatment

Otitis Media

Otitis Externa

Strep Pharyngitis


Community acquired pneumonia


Spirometry interpretation

Asthma action plan

Chest pain


GERD- Reflux



Common rashes

Molluscum contagiosum



Developmental Delays

Pediatric Mental health

MCHAT scores

Speech delay

Cognitive delay

Behavioral delay

Motor delay

ADHD diagnosis

ADHD treatment


Mood disorders

Anxiety in children

Depression in children

SSRIs in children

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