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Welcome to Pediatric Emergency Medicine- Pulmonology

In this section, Dr. Alletag, A Board Certified Pediatric Emergency Medicine physician will go over some of the most common cases that you will face in your daily practice in the ER under Pulmonology.  In this section you will learn how these patients present, how to diagnose them, and how to treat according to the latest guidelines.  This will be done through discussing real life case scenarios.  By the end of this section, you should be ready to tackle these difficult cases in your practice with more ease and confidence.

Videos: 5

Duration: 2 hours and 48 minutes

CME: 3 Hours

Topics discussed in this course:


Definition and causes

Common viruses involved in bronchiolitis

Presentation of Bronchiolitis

Proper testing and when to xray

Bronchiolitis treatment medications

Suctioning and physiotherapy

Ways to deliver oxygen

Causes of wheezing other than Asthma

Differential in wheezing

Airway obstruction and foreign bodies

Cardiac wheezing



Vascular slings/rings


Anatomic Abnormalities


Mediastinal mass

Terrible T’s


Systems affected under Anaphylaxis

Vocal cord dysfunction


Treatment of anaphylaxis in the ER

After care of Anaphylaxis

Types of wheezes

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