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Welcome to Prenatal/Post Partum Care

In this course, Dr. Hayes, A board certified family medicine physicians will teach you about how to full care for patients in their prenatal care and postpartum care for a family medicine physicians standpoint.  In this course you will learn about those basics that you to need to cover for in the different trimesters of the prenatal care as well as common complications that occur.  By the end of this course, you should be more comfortable taking care of these patients in your practice

Videos: 4

Duration: 2 hours and 14 minutes

CME: 2.25

Topics covered in this course:

Preconception Care

What is SORT

Goals of preconception care

Chronic diseases management




Depression and anxiety disorders

Thyroid disorders

History of Teratogenic Meds

Asthma Thrombophilia


Infectious disease prevention and screening

Psychosocial factors

1st trimester care

Pregnancy, Determining EDD

Genetic risks

Screening Labs in pregnancy

Counseling on many topics

Dietary guidance

Subsequent visits

2nd and 3rd trimester care

Measuring fundal height

Prevention of preeclampsia

Prevention of preterm birth


EDD by ultrasound

3rd trimester care

Gestation DM screening


Group B Strep screening

GC/CHLa screening

History of genital herpes

Assess for induction

Postpartum care

Common postpartum issues

Thromboembolic disease

Hypertensive disorders

Thyroid disorders

Postpartum depression

Contraception and sexuality

Breast feeding problems

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