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Welcome to Chest Radiology, 

What if you can take a look at a Chest Xray, or CT and know what you are looking at before the final radiology read?! In this course, we will cover all the common radiological basics that you should know while looking at the common exams done from a chest standpoint.  You will first learn how to create an approach to read these radiological exams appropriately and then put it into practice while reviewing real life case images.   We will cover all the common cases that present on a daily basis and learn how and what to look for on the images.  This course is taught by a full-time practicing radiologist.  

Videos: 2

Total Duration time: 1:45 minutes

CME: 1.75

Topics covered in this course:

Recognize key anatomical landmarks on chest x-ray

Develop an approach to chest x-ray

Recognizing lung opacities – Air space opacities and interstitial opacities, and cancer

Recognize pleural effusions

Recognize pneumothorax

Correlate to the above lung pathologies on CT.

Examples of central pulmonary embolism on CT

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